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With its vast growth potential, Asia has emerged as a global innovation powerhouse during the past decades. The expanded innovation horizon of the region presents us all with exciting opportunities as well as new challenges. On the one hand, technological breakthroughs and innovative approaches have enabled us to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency. However, the innovation process is also accompanied by risks and uncertainties. This uncertainty is expected to become even greater upon the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on future employment. In order to address increasing uncertainty and the collapse of existing systems, more inclusive and collaborative responses are urgently needed. Enhanced international cooperation and multinational dialogue will be critical to advancing innovations for greater societal impact.

For the last four years, the Asian Innovation Forum (AIF) has opened up channels of communication between the key actors of Asian innovation. The forum has led the way in bringing together innovative leaders, policymakers, and researchers to address the region’s key innovation issues. We hope to continue this momentum and take the next step forward as a platform that drives innovation of the region.

Organized by KISTEP and ASIP, the 5th Asian Innovation Forum will be held on October 4th at the University of the Philippines Diliman. The AIF will continue to explore new approaches and solutions to emerging issues on innovation and promote collaboration among participating think tanks. The innovation experiences and development strategies you share will take us a step closer towards better Asia.


  • Share Innovation Ideas and Strategies
  • Attain Joint Growth through International Collaboration
  • Foster Asian STI Think Tanks Network