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Asia is home to some of the largest, fastest-growing, competitive and promising economies of the world. However, great potential comes with even greater risks that can trap even the strongest of nations. Thus, to ensure continual advancement and steady growth, STI strategies must be based on empirical knowledge and analysis. Individual nations that have so far been occupied with keeping up with the rapid changes at home are now looking beyond immediate borders to broaden opportunities. The vast geographical spread and cultural diversity that have so far hindered cooperation can now act as one of the greatest strengths Asia possesses.

In this light, Asian STI Think Tanks Network (ASTN) was launched during the 1st Asian Innovation Forum to establish an active platform to share innovation experiences and development strategies. So far, a total of 20 institutes from 12 countries representing S&T policymaking, education and research joined the network as members. We hope that this network will grow to become a representative body in the international arena to address global challenges.

We cordially invite your institute to become a member of the Asian STI Think Tanks Network, which will work towards sustainable and inclusive development of Asia.

Institutes interested in joining Asian STI Think Tanks Network should contact: